1. Introduction
1.1. References to "we" or "us" in this Privacy Statement refer to the University of Limerick (UL), and references to "you" or "members" refer to those who register for or use any of the features available on Mentoring@UL.
1.2. The processing of this data is carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 and with the University's Data Protection Policy. The University is the Data Controller for personal data we process about you.
1.3. The purpose of this Website Privacy Statement is to:
1.3.1. outline what personal data we collect from you as a user of Mentoring@UL;
1.3.2. to notify you of your responsibilities concerning your disclosure and use of personal data while communicating within Mentoring@UL and when otherwise using the platform.
1.4. If you do not accept this Privacy Statement's terms, you should not use the Mentoring@UL service. The granting of access to and use of the Mentoring@UL platform is subject to the University of Limerick Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Statement is in addition to our University of Limerick Terms and Conditions, and noncompliance by Members with this Privacy Statement shall be treated as a breach of the University of Limerick Terms and Conditions.

2. The purpose and legal basis for collecting your data
The legal basis for which UL collect your data are:
2.1. For the performance of a contract concerning the provision of the Mentoring@UL service
2.2. consent where you decide to provide additional personal data to that required to sign up to use the service
The University will ensure that your data is processed fairly and lawfully in keeping with data protection principles and will process personal data under various legal bases depending on the purpose for which the data is collected.

3. Types of Information UL collects
 We retain the following categories of information:
3.1. "Personal Data"
3.1.1. Data that is necessary to operate the service. This is data that identifies you or can be used to identify or contact you and includes your name, student number, degree details, and contact details. You can change your settings at any time or supplement your profile with further information if you wish, as described below.
3.1.2. Personal Information: Your 'Profile' is where you can enter, manage and update your data and email preferences. You may also choose to provide optional details, such as occupation, company, photos, personal web page, personal comments, etc. You may wish to share some or all of the Information held in your profile with other site members. You can do this via your 'Profile' page. The only information that is automatically visible to others on your Profile page is your preferred name, surname or maiden name, matriculation year and course at UL. Additional information fields from your profile, other personal Information and photos etc., will appear only if you have opted to provide those items.
3.1.3. Messages: Other users of the platform can send private messages to you, but you can choose whether to be notified when an email is sent. The site does not monitor messages sent between users.
3.1.4. Sharing Information within Mentoring@UL: The general online directory is designed so you can find other users easily. For this reason, you will appear in the directory with the Information described in the Personal Information section (above). If you do not want to appear in the directory, you can opt-out upon registration or access your profile and remove data. You can also choose to share or hide certain personal and contact information.
3.1.5. Choice: Mentoring@UL provides you with the following options, which can be changed at any time.
3.1.6. To opt-out of receiving emails from other users of Mentoring@UL utilising a checkbox in your profile (the default is that other users can use Mentoring@UL to send you emails, though your address will never be revealed to the sender unless you choose to make it visible in your profile)
3.1.7. To unsubscribe from Mentoring@UL completely by requesting the deletion of your account.
3.1.8. Complete opt-out: If you wish to opt-out of the Mentoring@UL, please contact us at careers@ul.ie.
3.1.9. Personally identifiable information: To confirm your identity, Mentoring@UL's
registration process may require you to provide authentication (such as your full  name, email address, password, course, date of birth, city, province/state, country and postal/zip code).
3.2. "Non-Personal Data"
3.2.1. Like most websites, we gather statistical and other analytical information collected on an aggregate basis of all visitors to our website. This Non-Personal Data comprises information that cannot be used to identify or contact you, such as demographic information regarding, for example, user IP addresses where they have been clipped or anonymised, browser types and other anonymous statistical data involving the use of our website.

4. Purposes for which UL holds your Information.
4.1. Personal Data: We will hold and process any Personal Data you provide to us:
4.1.1. where required for making the Mentoring@UL service available to you as follows.
4.1.2. To contact you if necessary in connection with your Membership Account or to respond to any communications you might send to us.
4.1.3. To administer your registration application.
4.1.4. To monitor, investigate and enforce compliance with our University of Limerick Terms and Conditions
4.1.5. where you voluntarily submit or upload additional personal data to your profile (e.g. your address or detailed location), in which case we will use such personal data for the same purposes as outlined above.
4.1.6. Subject to your marketing preferences, to keep you updated about our service.
4.1.7. For the purpose of our legitimate interests or those of a third party as follows.
4.1.8. Monitoring, investigating and enforcing compliance with the University of Limerick Terms and Conditions.
4.1.9. Protecting the security of the Mentoring@UL platform, and protecting the rights of others, and for other purposes that are ancillary to the operation of the Mentoring@UL platform where those purposes are consistent with this Privacy Statement and the University of Limerick's Terms and Conditions.
4.2. Non-Personal Data: We use the Non-Personal Data gathered from visitors to our website in an aggregate form to understand better where our visitors come from and help us better design and organise our website.
5. Cookies
5.1. This website uses "cookie" technology. A cookie is a text file that is deliberately stored on a user's PC due to visiting the website. We may use cookies to deliver content specific to your interests and save your personal preferences, so you do not  have to re-enter them each time you connect to our website - our cookies are not available to other websites. Our cookies will record your user information to keep you logged in between screens. You can delete cookie files from your computer at your discretion. Note that if you decline our cookies or ask for notification each time a cookie is being sent, this will affect your use of this website. Further details are published here.
6. Disclosure of Information to Third parties
6.1. Mentoring@UL is hosted by UL's web services partner, Aluminati Network Group Ltd (www.aluminati.net), based in the United Kingdom. Following applicable Data Protection Laws, UL has taken the requisite contractual and other steps to ensure the services' secure hosting.

7. Security
Your Personal Data is held on secure servers hosted by Aluminati within the European Economic Area. Any transfers of your personal data outside the European Economic Area shall be subject to adequate safeguards in accordance with Data Protection Laws. The nature of the Internet is such that we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us via the Internet. No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. However, we will take all reasonable steps (including appropriate technical and organisational measures as required by Data Protection Laws) to protect your Personal Data. You may request further details from us in this regard by contacting us at CareerMentoring@UL.ie.
8. Retention
Due to deleting backup data systems, your data may reside on our service provider's servers for up to 12 months after deleting your Membership Account.
9. Queries, Contacts, Right of Complaint
9.1. Further Information on Data Protection at the University of Limerick may be viewed at Data Protection | UL - University of Limerick. You can contact the University's Data Protection Officer at dataprotection@ul.ie or by writing to Data Protection Officer, Room A1-073, University of Limerick, Limerick.
9.2. You have a right to complain to the Data Protection Commission (Supervisory Authority). While we recommend that you raise any concerns or queries with us first, you may contact that Office at info@dataprotection.ie or by writing to the Data Protection Commission, 21 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2, D02 RD28.
10. Your Rights
The "Personal" section of the Mentoring@UL site enables you to control, manage and update the particulars of your own personal data. In addition, you may inform us of any changes in your Personal Data, and in accordance with our obligations under Data Protection Laws, we will update your Personal Data accordingly. To find out what Personal Data we hold on you or to have your Personal Data updated, amended or removed from our database, please review your profile at Mentoring@UL or contact us at CareerMentoring@UL.IE or dataprotection@ul.ie. You may delete your profile at any time by using the settings on your account.
11. Review
This Privacy Notice will be reviewed and updated from time to time to consider changes in the law and the experience gained from the Notice in practice.